2 Bottles of Ageless and 1 Bottle of Vitamin C Serum+ Special Sale

2 Bottles of Ageless and 1 Bottle of Vitamin C Serum+ Special Sale

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My two most popular products are together to tackle aging from the inside and the outside.

Fight these telltale signs and reverse aging by:

  • Reducing the look of sunspots
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Hydrating and smoothing skin
  • Plumping sagging skin
  • Slowing down the aging process of the skin
  • Thickening the skin
  • Promoting collagen growth
  • Restoring a youthful healthy glow and supple skin

But don’t take my word for it.  

Here’s what others are saying:

I have been using Ageless for about 9 weeks now and I am noticing tighter skin in the inside of my arms and my neck also seems improved.  Not so crepey. I love the results I’m seeing and will continue to take Ageless as a part of my skin care regimen.
Diana W.
Boca Raton, FL


I love your product. It’s the best so far and that's why I keep ordering.  My face has made a great change making me look younger from the first bottle.  When I bought the product I was 60 but looked 65. Now I look 55. It’s a great product because it works.

Earl B. St. Thomas, VI

I started using Ageless 5 months ago and I can’t believe how my skin is aging backwards. Friends, family and colleagues are also noticing my baby-smooth skin. I never want to be without Ageless so I get an order shipped to me monthly.

Karen P. Age 56  - Los Angeles, CA

I’m a skeptic when it comes to new products, but my girlfriend tried the vitamin C serum and raved about it, so I trusted her judgment and decided to give it a try because I’ve heard so many benefits of vitamin C for anti-aging. I have used DeRose health vitamin C serum for 3 weeks and I love the way my skin looks. I have finicky skin, but I had beautiful results.

Marie S. Palm Beach Gardens, FL Age 56


My daughter gave me a bottle of this Vitamin C Serum and I didn’t think I was going to like it. To my surprise I absolutely love it! I couldn’t believe how it went into my skin. It didn’t interfere with my other products. And my skin is so much brighter and glowing.

Debbie S. Lake Worth, FL Age 71

My skin looks brighter and people are noticing. I love it! And it goes on so nice and I can put my makeup on top and even my moisturizer if I choose.

Kelly W Santa Barbara, CA Age 64 Two great options for those who don’t want to undergo the knife or expensive painful treatments.

In fact, at the very heart of this scientific breakthrough are two powerful ingredients.

Phytoceramides, plant derived ceramides, happen to be the star in Ageless.  

And here’s why …

You actually already have ceramides in your body.  

Ceramides are a structural and signaling lipid molecule that live in the surface of your skin.   They are made up of fatty acids called sphingosine.

Lipids are naturally-occurring molecules that make up the building blocks of every living cell. Ceramides are components of lipids.

The ceramide lipids work to limit the loss of water from your skin and act as a barrier against harmful substances penetrating your skin.

Like so many other things, ceramides begin to decrease in your early 30s.  That’s when signs of aging can start, as well as dry, red, and irritated skin.

With each passing year the depletion becomes more significant.

Environmental toxins and pollution also deplete your lipids, causing dry skin and wrinkles.

And the loss of ceramides is believed to be the major cause of skin wrinkling.

And you won’t find a stronger formula of phytoceramides that work with your own ceramides to create more youthful-looking skin.

And because they're taken orally, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream where the magic happens -- it can restore the barrier function.  

When you restore the barrier function you protect your skin from environmental toxins and pollution.

Plus, phytoceramides taken internally have been clinically proven to hydrate skin and promote smoother, more youthful skin - keeping your skin together, more firm.

In fact, studies found that phytoceramides reduce the levels of free radicals in the skin and inhibit elastase enzymes.  Elastase enzymes destroy elastin, contribute to loss of skin flexibility and increase wrinkling.

And in two other clinical studies a skin hydration was tested using a technology called corneometry.  The study was conducted over a three-month period with 51 women with very dry skin. The women who were given the oral phytoceramides vs the topical oil had a significant increase in skin hydration overall, with the greatest impact being on the arms.  

With phytoceramides you can replenish what you have lost, give yourself back that youthful glow, and regain supple skin.

Star two, not to be outshined by phytoceramides, is a special form o of Vitamin C.

You see, the main ingredient in collagen is Vitamin C.

And, as we age, we absorb less of it from our food … but we need so much more of it for skin repair and antioxidant protection.

A 90-day, 2017 study found that low levels of Vitamin C are closely associated with visible wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.

But all the orange juice in the world won’t reverse these visible signs of aging.

A glass of orange juice only has 43mg of Vitamin C.

A whole orange only has about 51mg.

When you drink orange juice (or eat an orange) that little bit of Vitamin C is absorbed into your blood stream where it’s divided among every cell in your body—and there are literally trillions.

That means very little Vitamin C makes it into those bags under your eyes, or the “smile lines” alongside your mouth.

Even if you’re taking a high-quality Vitamin C supplement, you’re still digesting it and sharing its strength with every cell in your body…

But Vitamin C Serum+ reaches deep below the surface of your skin—restoring your youthful, supple skin

A research paper, published in 2013, showed that topical Vitamin C, absorbed directly into the skin, is far superior for treating and preventing the visible signs of aging.

Used topically, Vitamin C has been shown to help …

  • Prevent UV-induced redness by 52%
  • Reduce sunburned cell formation by 40 – 60%
  • Protect against the age-accelerating effects of sun exposure

But, more importantly, it’s also been shown to help supercharge your collagen makers, protect your existing collagen fibers, and slow the natural breakdown of collagen that comes with age.

That means by delivering Vitamin C directly into your skin you can halt the effects of aging, repair skin damage and restore the glowing complexion you may have thought was long gone.

Of course, Vitamin C Serum+ is not just topical Vitamin C.

And I’ve mixed one of the most potent forms of Vitamin C with the most powerful natural antioxidant age-defiers, moisturizers, soothers and skin penetrators nature has to offer.

But what makes this serum so unique is the advanced delivery system ensuring this youth-restoring nutrient gets below the surface of your skin.

By now I’m sure you’re excited to see what kind of deal I’ve put together for you.

Drum roll please …

So you get three bottles of my most popular products for the price of two.  And FREE shipping!

But don’t miss out - quantities are limited and this offer is only good while supplies last.

And as always, my products are gluten free, sugar free, non-GMO and 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

For a younger you!

Sandy DeRose

President, DeRose Health

People Magazine - Holiday Gift Ideas

People magazine, reported the top three gifts men and women do not return.  For women they are watches, fine jewelry and anti-aging skincare. For men they are ties, wallets and … anti-aging skincare.  So, if you have people on your Christmas list that always return their gifts, give the gift of anti-aging skincare.

You may want to pick an extra order up for a holiday gift or share one order.  Any way you want to do it - do something for yourself this holiday season and start looking younger today!


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