Eternal - Telomere, Immune and DNA Support

Eternal - Telomere, Immune and DNA Support

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Activate Your Anti-Aging Enzyme

  • Super-charge your stamina and endurance
  • Improve your immune system
  • Dissolve away stress and anxiety
  • Enhance memory and brain power
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Even restore a vibrant youthful appearance

 Research shows that a fine powder, made from the ground roots of the ancient Indian Winter Cherry, can actually…

Increase your telomerase production by up to 45% … in as little as three days![1]


This couldn’t be more exciting.

But Kartikeya Baldwa, director of Ixoreal Biomed, says it better than I can:

This is the first published study to use a standardized, branded [winter cherry] extract that shows an anti-aging effect with a telomerase promotion effect in the human cell line.[2]

In other words, by increasing your body’s natural production of telomerase, you’re giving yourself a boost of true anti-aging protection, right down to the cellular level.

In Ayurveda, Winter Cherry is classified as a Rasayana.

Translated from the ancient Sanskrit, Rasayana literally means “that which negates old age and disease.”[6]

It has been touted as “The King of Herbs”  — with nothing else coming close to its benefits.

For centuries its ground roots have been used to increase energy and  improve overall health and longevity.[7]

But don’t take it from me read what others are saying:

So happy to have Eternal in my life.  I feel like everything is healthier - even my skin and hair look more youthful.  And my doctor confirmed it with my last visit - all my levels are down. Thank you for this product it’s changing the way I was aging.

Karen B.

Age 49

Wellington, FL


I was one of the lucky ones who got to try Eternal before there was even a name for the product.  I’m lucky because I can’t believe how much energy I now have since trying the product. I feel like I’m in my twenties again.  And my wife is happy too ;).

Joe K.

Age 67

Boynton Beach, FL


I have experienced a whole host of benefits from Eternal.  I sleep better, am less stressed and feel more energized than I have in years.  Best of all I am thinking clearer.

Angie M.

Age 58

Youngstown, OH


I am forever grateful for Eternal because I feel less achy.  I am able to move around so much easier - a million thank you’s.  

Marie T.

Age 76

Sharon, PA


Eternal is non-GMO, organic, vegan friendly, gluten-free, sugar free and made in the USA!










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